The Key West Yacht Club | Celebrating 79 Years of Good Friends & Tall Tales The original Key West Yacht Club circa 1940

Founded in 1938 in the house of one of Flagler's bridge tenders on the Garrison Bight, the Key West Yacht Club remains the southernmost club in the United States. Celebration of the 75th Anniversary took place in 2013 in a newer facility built on fill provided by Club members under agreement with the City of Key West made at the time by the Club's funding.

From the time when members stored their provisions in individual lockers and played cards with wooden chips to today's full bar, lounge and restaurant facility, fully serviced boat slips and dockside facilities, the Key West Yacht Club has grown with the times. It continues to be the gathering place for those who love great friendships, camaraderie, food, drinks and waterborne adventures.

Our members have been part of Key West boating for generations, and the Club continues to be an environment for all of Key West's social interaction. Our social fabric is strengthened every day on and off the water.

The Key West Yacht Club is a member of the Yachting Clubs of America. Members clubs reciprocity is extended to those outside of a 50-mile radius.

Commodores of the Key West Yacht Club

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2017-2018  John Spottswood III 1985 Charles F. Perkins
2015-2016  Robert D. Harvey 1983-1984  John Koenig
2014  Erica Sterling 1981-1982  Robert Feldman
2012-2013  Matt Zintsmaster 1980  Alfred ( Sunny ) Canas
2011  W. Sam Holland 1978-1979 Jose T. Sanchez Jr. 
2009-2010  William Murray  1977 James E. Felton
2007-2008  Michael Wilson 1976 Ronald Chase
2005-2006  John M. Spottswood Jr. 1975 V.J. O'Neal
2004  Paul Toppino 1974 Henry B. Montford, Jr.
2002-2004  Winston A. Burrell 1973 Carl Rongo
2000-2001  Craig Cates. 1972 James F. Thompson
1999 Shiela Sands

1970-1971 Norman Wood

1998  Richard Fowler 1970 Claude Freeman
1995-1997  Sandra Taylor 1969 John Koenig
1993-1994  Gary Blum 1968 William Wells, Jr.
1992  Edward Toppino Jr.

1966 Raymond G. Curry

1991 William B. Spottswood 1965 Frank Shepard
1990  Richard Fowler 1961 M.E. Rosam
1988-19899  Robert Padron 1955 Alan B. Bleare Jr.
 1986-1987  Randy W. Moore 1951 Horace O'Bryant